Digital Video Workshop – May 20th-22nd

Digital Video Workshop with Chris O’Dell

May 20th, 21st & 22nd 2011

This workshop is designed specifically for those who wish to improve their video movie camera techniques beyond just recording family events with “wobbly cam”! This detailed workshop will show you all the techniques and tricks to enable you to make more professional videos and will take the form of practical exercises in film making led by a professional cinematographer. Technical information will be included but the emphasis will be on using the video camera in different circumstances to achieve that unusual and professional looking sequence. We will teach this workshop using the methods used in both drama and documentary film production and will follow through all the film making stages to the basic digital editing process. In addition to taking away a fully edited two minute film that you have created as part of the production team you will get an in depth understanding of:

> How to handle your video camera
> Techniques such as pulling and throwing focus
> Managing depth of field, exposure and white balance
> Shot composition and shooting sequences
> Use of zoom function and cutaways
> Camera angles and point of view
> Panning, tilting and tracking
> How to use cranes, aerial shots and slow motion
> Sound recording
> Equipment care
> The roles involved in shooting a short film

Whether you are an aspiring film maker, wish to make better family videos or record local wildlife and events, this workshop will prove invaluable and send you away with a good understanding of how to improve your video making skills.


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